The Role of Streamlined Onboarding Processes: Highlights from an Immuware Webinar

In a recent webinar, Whitney Garcia, Senior Solution Consultant, Immuware and Keaton Pellino, Senior Account Executive, Immuware, joined Tami Wilcoxson, System Director of Employee Health Operations at SSM Health to uncover the common challenges healthcare talent acquisition teams face when onboarding new hires, how onboarding automation can help with these challenges, and gain firsthand experience from SSM Health.

We’ll discuss the highlights below, and you can listen to the webinar here


Navigating compliance

In light of the ongoing healthcare workforce crisis, maintaining compliance is a multifaceted challenge that requires a comprehensive approach. In other words, it’s no longer “one size fits all”. 

A major hurdle for many healthcare organizations is managing staffing, talent acquisition, retention, and onboarding timelines. 

These issues not only affect how smoothly a healthcare facility runs but also add to the administrative load, often leading to burnout among employees. To tackle these challenges, healthcare providers must realize the value of using modern technology, connectivity, and data.

By embracing innovative technology, healthcare organizations can simplify how they manage compliance, streamline the process of continuing education, and access crucial data more easily. This not only makes compliance easier to maintain but also helps in fostering a happier and healthier workforce. 


Streamlining onboarding processes

For new hires in the healthcare space, the onboarding process has never been more important. From day one, new employees need to not only understand their job but also feel like they’re joining a workplace that cares about their wellbeing.

Making the onboarding experience personal is key. As always, it’s about ensuring that each new hire understands and follows health regulations applicable to their role. But it’s also about more than that. By using technology that’s tailored to each new hire’s needs, you give them access to the tools and resources they need to succeed, right from the start.  

Moreover, enlisting tech to do the more “boring stuff”, like manual data entry, allows you to stay up-to-date on health records in real-time without adding to your staff’s administrative burden.


The proof: SSM Health

During the webinar, SSM Health shared their journey with adopting a new solution for their onboarding processes. Before implementing the new system, they faced several challenges, including issues with candidate responsiveness, scheduling delays, and a lack of integration with their HRIS system. These challenges not only impacted their operational efficiency but also hindered their ability to effectively onboard new hires.

But since implementing the new solution, SSM Health has experienced significant improvements, including reduced processing times, allowing them to streamline their onboarding processes and bring new hires on board more quickly, and improved tracking of key metrics, enabling them to finally identify areas for improvement and make truly data-driven decisions.

Bottom line: SSM Health has noted increased efficiency in their onboarding process, which has had a positive impact on their organization as a whole. The new solution has helped them overcome their previous challenges and has allowed them to provide a better experience for their new hires.


The wrap up

The webinar highlighted the significance of continuous improvement and scalability in healthcare organizations. It encouraged organizations to assess their current processes, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and devise scalable solutions. 

This approach ensures that organizations can adapt to changing demands and maintain efficiency over time.

Implementing a system that serves as a central repository of information can facilitate this process. Such a system provides access to the right information to the appropriate team members at the right time, leading to more streamlined onboarding processes and improved compliance management.

And Immuware can do just that. 

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