Tracking software for occupational & employee health compliance

Achieve compliance +40% faster with the leading-edge cloud-based tracking software.

Trusted by hundreds of healthcare organizations

The Immuware Difference

Real-Time Dashboards

Compliance status in an instant

Determine up-to-the-minute compliance status with real-time tracking of immunizations, screenings, workplace medical surveillance testing, exposures, training, injuries, illnesses, and certifications.

Online Employee Community

Share accountability across your organization

Different access levels allow Employees to self-report with documentation upload, Supervisors to monitor employees, and Admins to automate approval workflows and configure reminders and reporting.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

No IT support resources needed

Microsoft® Azure is the most trusted cloud hosting service by leading U.S. healthcare systems and dramatically reduces the risk of a regulatory violation and data breach. With cloud-based storage, store your employee health medical records separate from your EMR or EHR. Server maintenance, data backups and redundancy, scalable storage, upgrades, and releases are provided by Microsoft® and Immuware, saving countless hours of your valuable IT staff time and hardware costs.

Flexible & Scalable Features

Configured to fit your needs

Immuware is a comprehensive employee and occupational health monitoring software configured to your organization’s unique operational needs.

The Immuware Difference

Achieve Compliance

Drive ongoing employee and occupational health compliance with instant access to accurate employee health records. Achieve organizational compliance with OSHA and CDC regulatory requirements.

Drive Savings

Save costs and reduce admin time by an average of 2 hours a year per employee. Spend more time focusing on care, NOT admin tasks, with scalable features configured to your unique needs.

Quick & Easy

Accelerate employee health processes through smart workflows, robust integrations, and user-friendly interfaces. Immuware facilitates faster onboarding of new personnel while ensuring employees and vendors meet the required health and safety standards for their critical roles.

Successful organizations use Immuware

Immuware helped us solve a pressing business challenge with a winning IT solution. They sat at the table with us, listened, challenged our status quo, and pushed the envelope to implement a solution that is easy to use and completely automates our workflow.

— Project Director at Sinai Chicago

It's surprising to me that implementing this type of platform would organically help the standardization process. I didn't know it would help to this level, and I believe it's only going to improve.

— Lynda Grant, System Manager Occupational & Employee Health at Adventist Health

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