Employee Health Software System Integrations

Health compliance should be made easy. Immuware is designed to be a highly interoperable employee health software system, health screening, immunization and incident reporting software that seamlessly integrates with a host of applications to enable the exchange of data across the enterprise. This interoperability creates a powerful toolset to deliver optimal care and achieve compliance faster on a single easy-to-use platform.

Dr. Lawrence Earl

Urgent Care Medicine Physician

“Usability-wise Immuware reigns supreme”

Reduce data entry and error

With reliable employee health management software, you can get exactly what is needed from the data source to create current and accurate workflows for the individual employee. Engage and improve your employee’s user experience, save time and cost, and simplify access for your authorized and authenticated personnel via Single Sign-on (SSO) integration with your protected environment.

Lab systems integrations

HRIS system integrations

Other system integrations

See how your organization could achieve compliance +40% faster.

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