Incident Case Management

Immuware Can Help You Track Exposures, Injuries, and Illnesses

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Immuware Incident Module

Track the following:

Incident Case Management - Track and Manage Multiple Occurrences

At each step of the incident case management workflow, actions and due dates can trigger emails and text messages reminding staff of follow-ups such as lab tests and post-evaluation appointments. Your staff can quickly access work queues to monitor and immediately act on required follow-up steps.

Reports And Dashboards

Useful reports, required OSHA forms, and logs are automatically populated and available to aid surveillance. Reports will illustrate safety trends by facility, department, job title, supervisor, and more. Within Immuware’s Incident dashboard, staff can quickly generate OSHA 300 & 301 forms, and 301A logs to comply with necessary regulatory OSHA reporting.


Immuware can easily integrate with Workers’ compensation systems to ensure a streamlined end-to-end process for worker compensation cases.

Supervisor Access and Visibility

Supervisors can either initiate or be notified if a staff member has been involved in an incident. They also have the ability to provide input for each case as well as receive Work Status reports and Return to Work reports.

Facilitity Compliance Breakdown

Immuware allows you to track compliance, injuries, and exposures in real time! You can see a breakdown of this per facility or as a whole.

See how your organization could achieve compliance +40% faster.

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