Immuvators: An Insight Into Immuware's User Group

Immuvators: An Insight Into Immuware’s User Group

As some of our readers may know, in Q3 of last year, we started a program for our customers called Immuvators. Immuvators is a virtual 1-hour meeting that happens quarterly. It’s a fun and interactive session where healthcare, technology, and other professionals get to know each other virtually and share experiences, insights, and suggestions about Employee Health, Occupational Health, Compliance, and HR workflows, and how Immuware can be used to improve various processes.

“Our primary mission with Immuvators is for our customers interested in learning and sharing ideas to improve their internal processes better to serve their staff, customers, and communities.”

The Immuvator virtual meeting venue also allows the Immuware team to share relevant and upcoming details about Immuware’s product roadmap. Most importantly, it is a forum for our team to hear firsthand from our customers.

Throughout these sessions, we often go over Immuware’s upcoming features and functions, and our customers can showcase unique workflows or use cases that may be helpful to others. Our participating customers have often expressed how much they enjoy the insight they receive during these meetings.

What our customers love most are:  

  • Learning from other customers about their workflows  
  • Learning about new enhancements and what is coming in the next update
  • The ability to ask fellow peers firsthand and be part of a continuing conversation around improvement and innovation
  • Having access to a friendly forum to share feedback, suggestions, and valuable insights

 The  Immuware team is excited about future Immuvator sessions and hopes you are as well. 

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