Get To Know Immuware Project Management With Carmen Chan

“Every project has its own uniqueness and always brings me and the team different levels of excitement and challenges.”

What do you like best about working for Immuware?

The fact that Immuware is a highly energetic company offers a very dynamic working environment for me every day. The communication channels are direct, and things are moving very fast daily.
How do you, as a Project Manager, help our customers achieve their goals?
Managing project acceptance is a big challenge for almost every customer, as different customers have different business processes and requirements. Understanding product technology is one aspect of this, but understanding what helps make our customers succeed will genuinely guide me as a project manager.
What are some exciting projects you are working on?
Every project has its uniqueness and always brings me and the team different excitement and challenges. A university we are working with in Oklahoma is an honorable mention. It has a large end-user base within Immuware and stringent timeline requirements. With the devoted efforts from both the client and our project team, we turned Immuware live in 2 months to take over their retiring system. We are currently going full steam ahead on Phase 2 for various integration implementations, and we are excited that some of the requirements are new to the team.
What’s been your proudest work accomplishment?
A community college in Ohio and a manufacturing company in Nebraska would be a couple of my special projects as they both sit in a different industry than the ones you would typically find in Immuware. Their requirements are unique, and working with our product team and delivering a solution that truly meets customer needs was excellent.

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