Get To Know Immuware Marketing With Alexandria Onwuteaka

Get To Know Immuware Marketing With Alexandria Onwuteaka

Get To Know Immuware Marketing With Alexandria Onwuteaka“… Immuware as a company really cares about your professional development, since being employed I have learned and grown so much.”

What is a typical day like for a Marketing Coordinator?

Every day at Immuware is different, but like most working professionals, I start my day by checking my emails. I usually have a set of projects that I have due quarterly, such as producing blogs, newsletters, and employee highlights. From there, I have my daily and weekly functions, such as working on emails, social media posts and doing a great deal of research. Another large part of my job is doing web design projects for our Immuware site, such as adding and revamping pages to the website.

What do you like best about working for Immuware? 

I love my team! They are truly the best group of people you could ask for. I also found it super refreshing that Immuware as a company cares about your professional development; since employment, I have learned and grown so much. Not only do we at Immuware highly encourage professional development, but it’s often incorporated within our yearly goals. During this past year, I was able to receive certifications for Google Ads & Analytics as a part of my goals.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is getting to be creative to further our marketing efforts. I especially enjoy working on pieces such as infographics, social posts and getting to write blogs once a quarter. I really get massive enjoyment out of creating fun yet polished pieces for this company. Another favorite job function of mine is working on internal communication efforts, such as our quarterly newsletter. The quarter newsletter is the piece I have the most creative range on. Our quarterly newsletters serve a super important purpose since we have a hybrid work model. They are one of the main ways we keep in touch with each other as a team. And last but not least, I find a lot of joy in helping our customers promote Immuware internally. Our customers are able to do this with printable and digital deliverables I provide that they can use to get important information out to the rest of their team.

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