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Your video tour on how to simplify flu season at your healthcare organization with Immuware

Join Keaton Pellino, one of our experts here at Propelus, as he shows you how Immuware can streamline your healthcare organization’s efforts this flu season. In this video tour, you will experience:

  • Effortless Compliance Management: Immuware’s intuitive dashboards and reports aggregate real-time compliance data by facility, location, and department, simplifying your NHSN reporting in the click of a button.
  • Proactive Workforce Engagement:  Immuware’s self-service portal empowers your workforce to engage proactively with their influenza compliance. Through pre-visit consents and documentation uploads (along with exemptions and declinations), staff alleviate administrative burdens and ensure seamless compliance.
  • Streamlined Influenza Clinics: Immuware streamlines your influenza clinics by collecting consents in advance and rapidly administering vaccinations while automating reporting to your state’s IIS.

With Immuware’s automation tools, you won’t need to chase down staff for months to gather vaccination information, it’s right at your fingertips. For a full look into the Immuware solution, schedule time with one of our experts with one of our experts below.

How Immuware Can Aid Your Healthcare Organization in streamlining your efforts this influenza season.

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See how your organization could achieve compliance +40% faster.

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