10.6 Release Notes

Customer FAQs

Why did CE Broker / EverCheck acquire Immuware?

The acquisition combines highly complementary SaaS-based capabilities and expands the combined company’s ability to accelerate product innovation and provide a comprehensive range of employee and contractor compliance requirements.

CE Broker is the official full-lifecycle CE compliance platform for thousands of state and national licensure boards, agencies, associations, trusted by millions of licensed professionals they serve. CE Broker’s EverCheck solution monitors healthcare compliance – specifically licensure and exclusions/sanctions verifications – and provides access to accredited learning courses for over 400 hospital networks nationally.

What does this acquisition mean to me?

On a day-to-day basis, there will be no disruption to the level of service and support. We will continue to focus on driving value for you and your organization.

We will be able to provide more employee compliance capabilities for our customers. We plan to host a webinar in May to demonstrate EverCheck’s features and capabilities.

Will I continue to work with the same staff after the merger?

Yes – there will be no change to your dedicated team.

Will this change my level of service and support?

No. We are committed to providing the same level of service and support you’ve come to expect from the Immuware team. Continue to use the Immuware Support Portal for your requests or reach out to your dedicated customer success contact.



Immuware-specific FAQs

1. What if I already have EverCheck? How will that integrate with Immuware?

Seamless product integration will be on the product roadmap. In the short term, however, both solutions will continue to operate and function as before.

2. Is Immuware going to be called “EverCheck”

No. Immuware will continue to operate under “Immuware” in the immediate future.

3. I already have licensing and exclusion verification solutions? Do I have to start using EverCheck to keep my Immuware account?

No. Customers will have the choice to keep their licensing and exclusion verification solutions or use EverCheck. There will be no impact on your Immuware account.

4. How can I learn more about EverCheck?

We plan to host a webinar in May to demonstrate EverCheck’s features and capabilities. Keep an eye out for an email invitation soon.

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