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Case Study: Streamlined Immunization Reporting for Community Health System





About The Client

A community healthcare organization in the Northeast, this client has hundreds of employees, volunteers and contractors, operates multiple health centers and serves thousands of patients annually.

Immunization Tracking Troubles

Per CDC recommendations, this community health system’s employees must stay current on certain vaccines. With employee and new-hire immunization status tracked in disparate databases across its various health centers, the organization was losing critical time and resources hunting down and manually reconciling employee data to track and ensure compliance. During flu shot season, reconciliations often had to be done weekly, and sometimes daily, typically taking four to five hours and several staff members to complete.

In addition to time lost to data entry and the added risk that comes with manual reconciliation, the existing reporting process created workplace stress for staff members and revenue considerations for leadership.

Adding Software, Gaining Workflow Expertise

The assistant director of clinical compliance was tasked with finding a software solution to centralize vaccination data storage, tracking and reporting. After existing vendors were unable to address the need, the assistant director and team broadened the search and assessed several  software products. In the end, they selected Immuware’s vaccination management software due to the technology and consultative advantages it provided, including:

  • A highly intuitive interface and user experience
  • A rich, yet easy-to-use feature set
  • Workflow configuration and tailoring capabilities that allow for easy adaptation to unique tech and operational specifications
  • Automation features, including automated immunization and booster reminders
  • A highly engaged solution and support team on hand to support workflow optimization and ensure implementation efficiency and excellence
  • Sleek and simple reporting dashboards for rapid data collection, analysis, and sharing
  • Easy HRIS integration and reconciliation capabilities

Immuware was great at helping us talk through how things worked and making workflow improvements to reach our goals more efficiently.” – Assistant Director of Clinical Compliance

– Assistant Director of Clinical Compliance

Within just a few weeks of selecting Immuware, the organization had its centralized and streamlined immunization tracking and alert system up and running. The entire client population, from day-to-day users to senior executives, was highly appreciative of the collaborative and rapid implementation process. “The implementation was a collaborative effort, and Immuware was incredibly responsive to our many comments and questions,” said the assistant director of clinical compliance. “They were instrumental in helping us design our workflows and provided extensive input on how things could be done more effectively.”

A Transformed Data, Reporting and Compliance Solution

Immuware has transformed every aspect of vaccination tracking and reporting for this community healthcare organization.

  • Hundreds of hours saved. Manual data gathering and tracking processes that once took numerous team members hours to complete are now completed in seconds.
  • One source of truth. All immunization tracking is done in one, centralized system, which produces detailed dashboards showing who needs vaccination reminders. Compliance reporting for the State can be completed in seconds.
  • Automated alerts, increased vaccination compliance. With AI monitoring workforce vaccination data, employees receive automated booster and vaccine requirement alerts, raising awareness and increasing employee compliance.
  • Reduced regulatory risk. With continually changing regulations and the fines for noncompliance high, Immuware gives organizations the power to increase transparency and insight while reducing risk.

The community health system has also discovered several new ways to leverage the software solution to track and report important health data, such as:

  • Incident reporting at clinics, such as accidental needle pricks
  • COVID-19 exposures and quarantines
  • Fit testing for N95 masks

From senior leaders to new hires, the entire organization is thrilled with the new system and benefiting from reporting and reminders that ensure compliance and give employees more time to do what matters most: take great care of patients.

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