What is Immuware™?

A revolutionary, customizable employee medical record solution for employees, clinicians, supervisors, and administrators to centrally record and report immunizations, screenings, surveillance testing, injuries and illnesses and certifications.

Transform the ability for employees to own their health compliance requirements, for clinicians to record compliance information, and for management to review and report employee health compliance across the organization in real time.


  • Automate email notifications on your  schedule
  • Empower supervisors with compliance dashboards
  • Customize the solution to your  compliance needs
  • View, report, and print employee health history
  • Automate your administrator approval workflow
  • Obtain consent via electronic signature
  • Capture employee declination and exemptions
  • Track required vs. preferred compliance by employee and record type
  • View, export and deliver NHSA and OSHA formatted reports to ensure organizational compliance
  • Provide employees with self-service portal to upload external documentation, pre-consent, and access their record history
  • See records that need attention in Approval and Expiring Queues
  • Access via WiFi or cellular connection from any location
  • Designed for compatibility with computers, tablets and mobile devices