10.6 Release Notes

9.12 Release Notes Copy

We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes and the foundation for future release of new features.

1. Supervisor Enhancements / View Personnel Detail Permission
  • New “View Personnel Detail” permission allows Supervisors to click-through and view the Personnel Detail page of subordinates from the Subordinate Compliance report.

9.12 Release Notes

  • Record Configurations have additional permission flexibility by allowing Supervisors to Create, Read, Update, Delete, or Approve records.

The above two options give organizations the ability for Supervisors to create records for their direct reports for specific steps of a Record Type. For example, a Supervisor could now visit a Personnel Detail page for their direct report and record an Incident record on their behalf, or enter a flu shot for them. Supervisors can now not only manage compliance of their subordinate but can also intervene and create records wherever they are needed to.

2. Category and Subcategory Compliance Calculation
  • Compliance can now be rolled up to a Category or Subcategory
    • Currently Record Types can be grouped together in a logical category so they appear together in the Record History as well as in the Record For menu. These groupings now have the ability to calculate Compliance as well. For example, organizations may be interested in understanding if personnel are compliant for all of the Record Types in a grouping such as Training/Policies. If a personnel is compliant for each Record Type they are Required for in the group, then that new Category header can show overall compliance. This can be handy especially if there are lots of certifications or trainings that a user may be required to take and this quick snapshot allows organizations to see if all of these items are completed at a glance.

(In the below example this user is Unknown for all the Record Types in the Training/Policies Category, therefore they have the Not Compliance Icon Status)

9.12 Release Notes

3. Reporting
  • Increased Performance
    • A new method for displaying reporting results has been implemented to greatly increase the performance for Reports and Dashboards. Users should be able to notice pages loading much faster, especially for a more intensive calculation. 
    • Note: due to the new method data changes are not reflected in Reports instantly, but most data updates in the application should be reflected in Reports and Dashboards in under a minute. 
  • Compliance Report Enhancements
    • Location/Dept, Job Title, Supervisor, Recruiter, and Group Affiliations Filters are now all multi-select. This allows more flexibility when slicing and dicing data!
    • Multi-Select Report Decommissioned
      • The Compliance report has been enhanced to now support selecting multiple Record Types at the same time, therefore there is no longer a need for a Single-Select Report and a Multi-Select Report.
    • Compliance Report supports selecting multiple Record Status or Status Details
      • Ex. A report could be run to display all “2nd Dose” records for Covid Vaccine regardless if the Record Status is for Pfizer or Moderna  9.12 Release Notes
4. UI / UX Enhancements
  • Manufacturers Page now has Record Type search filter and filter to show/hide inactive Manufacturers

9.12 Release Notes

  • Administered Locations
    • You now have the ability to apply a Sort Order as well as mark individual locations as Active or Inactive
    • Main Menu can now show/hide Inactive Administered Locations

9.12 Release Notes

9.12 Release Notes

5. Support Multiple Consents in a Record Series
  • When a Series is configured with a consent page before multiple steps (ex. 1st Dose, 2nd Dose, 3rd Dose), the contraindication questions can now be flagged and displayed after each step if a user selects an important value as “Yes”  (ex. “Are you feeling sick today?”). This makes sure Clinicians know if the personnel has any allergies or is not feeling well if flagged on the consent page on the day they are receiving an additional dose.
6. Import Record Data | “Download Import Values” Button
  • New “Download Import Values” button generates a CSV with the exact values that are needed to prepare a spreadsheet for importing historical data. This should help make it easier when preparing spreadsheets for import.

9.12 Release Notes

7. Appointment Calendar Print in Black and White
  • Appointment Calendar can now be printed in Black and White only.
8. Manufacturers | CVX/MVX and NDC Can Be Marked Required by Record Type
  • When an IIS integration is in place it is important that all Record Types sent to the state registry capture the CVX (MVX) codes and/or the NDC Number. These can now be made Required for the Record Types that are sent to the IIS to help greatly reduce any potential submission errors.

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