10.6 Release Notes

10.6 Release Notes

We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes, and the foundation for future release of new features.

1. Inbound IIS Vaccination Record Retrieval

Workforce users (and Administrators on their behalf) can now query the local Immunization Registry to search for existing records. This new button lives on the Personnel Detail page to initiate the search process

10.6 Release Notes

If any records are found, users can reconcile existing records in Immuware against what records are available from the registry and import them into the desired Record Type, Record Status, and Status Detail:

10.6 Release Notes

This new feature should greatly streamline the onboarding process as well as make it much easier for users to become Compliant for their Required Record Types. Combined with the existing capability to send vaccination records from Immuware to the local Immunization Registry, it couldn’t be easier to manage vaccination records and integrate them with your Immunization Registry! More information about this feature and the configuration required for implementation is coming soon.

2. Personnel File Enhancements

  • Personnel File integrations now support PGP Encryption for an additional layer of security for your organization’s data.
  • Personnel File imports have been optimized for increased performance which should significantly improve upload times.
  • New auto-merge capabilities to expand on the current ability for New Hires to automatically merge into an Employee record available in the Personnel file. Now any Personnel Type can be mapped to automatically merge into any existing Personnel Type. For example, a manually entered Contractor could be merged into an Employee record if one was detected in the Personnel File and the First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and last four digits of SSN all match. 

3. OSHA 300 Form Updates

  • Incidents on the 300 form are automatically sorted based on the Start Date and End Date selected on the dashboard. 
  • “Privacy Case” flag so that Incidents like needle sticks can be kept private on the 300 log. 

4. Enhancements to Queues

  • All Queues now contain the Group Affiliation filter for additional sorting and reporting capabilities. 

10.6 Release Notes

  • All filters on the Approval Queue are now multi-select to make the approval process even easier by finding multiple Facilities, Groups, etc.

10.6 Release Notes

5. Appointment Notifications – Ability to Send to Recruiters and Supervisors

When Employees schedule appointments, it is now possible for a Recruiter or Supervisor to also receive this email. This helps with visibility to make sure a New Hire, for example, has initiated their onboarding appointment and is continuing with their required onboarding tasks.10.6 Release Notes 

6. Scheduling Enhancement – Appointment Confirmation Emails Now Include the Address and Instructions for Each Administered Location

Administered Locations now contain additional fields for Address and Location Instructions which can be included in scheduling confirmation and reminder emails.

10.6 Release Notes

7. Additional File Formats Now Supported for Document Upload

tiff and .tif files can now be configured to be accepted when employees upload documents.

8. Approval Queue – Document Review Window Enhancement

When viewing a record for Approval from the Approval Queue, the View File button window now defaults to the right-hand side of the screen so the document can be viewed side-by-side with the record details to make approving documents a faster and easier process.

10.6 Release Notes

9. Approval Queue – Document Review Window Enhancement

Recruiters are now included in the Report exports.

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