10.4 Release Notes

We are excited to announce new features and functionality available in this new release of Immuware! This release includes improvements, bug fixes, and the foundation for future release of new features.

1. Hide Clinicians and Recruiters Setting
  • Users with the Clinician or Recruiter Roles currently appear in certain menu options throughout Immuware. If you want to not include a particular user from these current options, now you can hide individual user accounts with these new permission options.

2. Automated External Data Log – New Filter
  • Review lab import logs more easily with a new status filter. The interface now lets you filter down to exactly what you need to see.

3. Incident Case Management Dashboard Improvements
  • A new and improved look to Incident Dashboards allows you to more easily identify how many incidents are open and quickly see what status they are in.

4. Lab Import Performance Enhancement
  • Lab imports of CSV files should now perform 10x faster than they previously did. Processing times will be greatly reduced. 
5. Create Record – New “Back to Previous Step” Button
  • If filling out the current step requires reviewing information on the previous step in the series, the new “Back to Previous Step” button makes it easy to open and review the previous step.

6. Record Type Category by Subcategory Dashboard
  • If Immuware has been configured to display the rolled up Compliance of multiple Record Types into a Category, you can now view Compliance at the subcategory level. In this example, multiple Record Types roll up to both the “Trainings” and “Licenses” subcategories displayed as individual tiles with “Certifications” being the parent category. Immuware now allows you to view Compliance using dashboards at either the Record Type, Subcategory, or Category levels for ultimate flexibility and reporting.

7. Download Master List + Personnel Summary List Export Enhancements
  • Both the Master List and Personnel Summary exports will now be routed through a download queue. This will increase performance and usability, especially if the roster being exported is very large.

8. Display Recruiter on Personnel Demographics
  • When a Recruiter is assigned to a Personnel, that assignment can now be easily viewed on the Personnel Detail page.

9. All Tiles Now Clickable on Dashboards
  • Any tile on any dashboard will now display a hyperlink to click through and review results on the corresponding report. Previously this was not possible due to filtering limitations on reports, but recent enhancements have made it possible for this additional flexibility.

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